body shampoo

The first thing you’ll notice about our Body Shampoo room is the size of that shower! With three wall-mounted and two rainfall shower heads, you can fulfill any fantasies you may have by filling it with all the beautiful Legends Girls your heart desires


Now this is a room made for relaxation! Sprawl across our round bed in any position you please to cuddle up with your favourite Legends Girl after you’ve both taken a long, hot, steamy bath in our jetted tub. Having a problem choosing just one beautiful lady to share your time with? Why not bring in two, there’s plenty of room and the water is warm!

strip tease

Our sexy, sultry Striptease room is only outmatched by the Legends Girl you’ll share it with. Whether she is giving you a private dance on our pole or a sensual massage in bed, you’ll find it impossible to give her anything less than your full attention.


This certainly isn’t a room for the faint of heart. The giant, imposing, metal and leather swing in the corner is the tamest thing you’ll find in our Dungeon room. For the person looking for something exciting and a little different, let one of our experienced Legends Girls lock you in our cage or tie you to the wall on our St. Andrew’s Cross if you’ve been especially naughty.

vip room

If it’s a more luxurious and refined experience you seek, then look no further than our exotic and erotic V.I.P. room. The KING sized four column bed is unbelievably plush and inviting, and sharing it with any one of our enchanting Legends Girls will be an experience you will never forget. You might be excused for thinking you have stepped into ancient Greece and found yourself in the palace of Aphrodite!